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Hung Kuen is one of major branches Chinese Kung Fu created in the 17th Century in the Southern Shaolin Temple by Hung Hei Gwan.  Made famous by Grandmaster Wong Fei Hung whose life has been made famous by hundreds of movies made about his life and his student Grandmaster Lam Sai Wing, Hung Kuen is a no nonsense form of self defence that is suitable for men, women and children.

The Lam Family has been teaching Hung Kuen for three generations.  The writer's sifu, Grandmaster Lam Chun Chung wishes to include a number of articles concerning the introductory and the finer points of Hung Kuen for the purposes of promoting and introducing the art of Hung Kuen to Australia.

History of Lam Family Hung Gar

1. Grandmaster Lam Sai Wing

Lam Sai Wing was born in 1860 and lived until 1943. He was widely considered one of the best boxers of his time, and he was certainly one of the most famous. Lam Sai Wing inherited the Hung Gar style from his sifu, Wong Fei Hung, and passed it on to his nephew, current grandmaster Lam Cho.

Lam Sai Wing retired from teaching kung fu at the age of 65 (1925). He left Grandmaster Lam Cho and some other students in charge of his schools to continue teaching the art of hung gar to the general public. Some well-known students of Lam Sai Wing include Kwan Kun, Tam Chou, Tang Yee, Tang Fong, Wu Lap Fung, Wong Man Kai, and Lau Cham.

Lam Sai Wing's also wrote three books on Hung Gar.  Currently, these books are still the most authoritative works on the art of Hung Gar in the world today.

2. Grandmaster Lam Cho

As a young man, he was already helping his uncle, Grandmaster Lam Sai Wing, in teaching at the Southern Martial Arts Association. He eventually set up his own kung fu studio. His skill was very well known and people throughout Southern China referred to him as Sifu even as a young man. He eventually set out a second studio in Kowloon, where thousands of students trained.

His closest students also set up kung fu schools of their own to teach and promote the art of Hung Gar.  In so doing, the art of Hung Gar started spreading across Hong Kong and Guangzhou.  Hung Gar became a shining example of excellence in martial arts.  Many of Lam Cho's students became well known martial artists and respected figures within Chinese communities around the world.  Some of them have opened up Kung Fu schools which are now of great renown.

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